About Us


Blue Water Investment Company was established in 2007, as a private residential, leisure and commercial developer in Bahrain and the Middle East. Since then we expanded rapidly into UAE, Turkey and Romania.
In 2008 we manage to deliver 28 units in Turkey as residential apartments. 2009 was labeled the ‘Year of Construction’ at BWI as we started 3 projects consist of 100 unit targeted to middle and low segment end-user , during which it aggressively focused on construction and contract delivery to trusted and quality contractors. BWI has already delivered 52 units into the market with projects at Amwaj Islands: Blue Water Apartments 1 and Blue Water Apartments 2 and is expected to have handed over a further 100 this year 2011.

The company has a diverse range of expertise that allows it to have a good oversight and management of all aspects of a project right from the acquisition of land, appointment of architects and designers, construction and sales to after sales service.
The company’s projects are located in the most desirable and exclusive locations and homes are built to a high quality specification that has become synonymous with the Company. BWI aims to develop projects that include residential, commercial and leisure facilities that will create an integrated community.